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DIN 6779-12
Structuring principles for technical products and technical product documentation - Part 12: Buildings and building technology

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Kennzeichnungssystematik für technische Produkte und technische Produktdokumentation - Teil 12: Bauwerke und Technische Gebäudeausrüstung


This standard is applicable in connection with DIN EN 81346-1 and DIN EN 81346-2 for the function-, product- and site-related designation of technical objects and their documentation in the field of buildings and building technology. This standard specifies rules for structuring and specifies letter code tables for different designation blocks and each structural level. It includes additional specifications for classification of objects and associated letter codes, as well as information and examples for application. Buildings and technical installations can be integrated, without changing the specified designations, into higher order systems, as long as these are designated in accordance with the rules of the standard series DIN EN 81346. This standard is applicable to systems in terms of functional units of objects within a building. This standard is not applicable for manufacturer-specific and system-related designation of individuals (for instance, inventory numbers, serial numbers), as well as for the designation of object types/classes or products (for instance, article numbers, part numbers). In order to form the designations, the object classes given in DIN EN 81346-2 are used, as well as building sector-specific object classes, amongst others, such as, for instance, types of installations of building technology. This standard has been prepared by Joint Working Committee NA 152-06-09 GA "Kennzeichnungssysteme (GA KS)" ("Designation systems") under the leadership of the Fundamental Technical Standards Committee (NATG). The aim of this Joint Committee is the preparation of field- and application-related structuring principles for technical products and technical product documentation, which satisfy the requirements for all fields and for all product life phases. The work of the GA KS (standards of the series DIN 6779) are, or will be, included into international consultation and shall also be published as International Standards after conclusion of the international consultation. With respect to DIN 6779-12:2003-07, the following amendments have been made: a) supplements to Table A.1; b) adjustment of Table A.3 and Table A.4 to DIN EN 81346-2; c) revision of the application examples in Annex B; d) standard has been editorially revised.

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NA 152-06-09 GA - Joint working committeee NATG/DKE: Designation systems (GA KS)  

Edition 2011-04
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