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DIN EN 1993-3-2/NA
National Annex - Nationally determined parameters - Eurocode 3: Design of steel structures - Part 3-2: Towers, masts and chimneys - Chimneys

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Nationaler Anhang - National festgelegte Parameter - Eurocode 3: Bemessung und Konstruktion von Stahlbauten - Teil 3-2: Türme, Maste und Schornsteine - Schornsteine


This document has been prepared by NA 005-11-37 AA "Industrieschornsteine" ("Industrial chimneys"). The European Standard EN 1993-3-2 allows national safety parameters to be specified for a number of points. These national determined parameters (NDP) cover alternative procedures, the provision of individual values and the selection of classes from designated classification systems. The relevant parts of the text are identified in the European Standard by references to the possibility of national choice. Subclause NA 2.1 contains a list of these parts of the text. Furthermore, this National Annex contains non-contradictory complementary information (NCI) for the application DIN EN 1993-3-2:2010-12. This National Annex contains national provisions for the design of chimneys which shall be taken into account when applying DIN EN 1993-3-2:2010-12 in Germany. This National Annex only applies in conjunction with DIN EN 1993-3-2:2010-12.

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NA 005-08-05 AA - Towers, masts and chimneys (SpA CEN/TC 250/SC 3/WG 14)  

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