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Trass - Part 1: Requirements and test


This document specifies the requirements for chemical and physical characteristics of trass according to the definition 3.1, which is used in processed and finely ground form as additive typ 2 for the production of concrete according to EN 206-1. According to this document, trass can also be used in mortars. This document does not cover the requirements for the practical use of trass for the production of concrete, i.e. requirements for the composition, the mixing, the installation, the curing etc. for trass containing concrete. Related specifications are effected by other European or national standards, such as EN 206-1 for concrete.



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DIN 51043-1

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NA 005-07-13 AA - Cement (national mirror committee for CEN/TC 51 and ISO/TC 74) 

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Trass; Requirements, Tests

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