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DIN ISO 26622-1
Modular taper interface with ball track system - Part 1: Dimensions and designation of shanks (ISO 26622-1:2008)

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Modulare Kegelschnittstelle mit Kugellaufbahnsystem - Teil 1: Maße und Bezeichnung von Schäften (ISO 26622-1:2008)


The International Standard ISO 26622-1 has been prepared by Technical Committee ISO/TC 29/WG 33 "Hollow tool shank interface" (secretariat: DIN) in ISO/TC 29 "Small tools" with the participation of the German experts in Working Committee NA 121-02-05 AA "Kupplungen für modulare Werkzeuge" ("Interfaces for modular tools") of the Tools and Clamping Devices Standards Committee (FWS) and Subcommittee NA 122-00-12 UA "Schnittstelle Maschine/Werkzeug" ("Machine/tool interace") of the Machine Tools Standards Committee (NWM) at DIN. The modular taper with ball track system design originated from a joint development effort between two prominent tooling manufacturers in 1985. The benefits to be achieved by the joint development effort were to offer a complete, but flexible, tooling system-to-machine connection by joining the strengths of two tooling suppliers for the European and North American markets. The modular taper with ball track system product was first introduced at EMO (exposition mondiale de la machine-outil) in Milan in 1987. Since its introduction, this tooling system has become a globally accepted design for both static and rotating applications. The design characteristics of the modular taper interface with ball track system allow it to be used equally well on both turning and rotating applications. The high mechanical advantage of the modular taper with ball track system design application allows for small springs, small bearings and high spindle speeds. This tool interface uses three areas of contact (one face and two on the taper) that provide a very simple, but rigid, tool design. DIN ISO 26622 specifies the dimensions for modular taper interface with ball track system: tapered shanks for automatic and manual tool exchange to be applied on machine tools (for instance lathe machines, drilling machines, milling machines and turn/milling machine centres). A range of shank sizes is specified; details of the coolant-sealing O-ring are defined. The torque is transmitted at the tail end of the shank by friction, locking elements and keys.

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Responsible national committee

NA 121-02-05 AA - Tool holders and machine/tool interface 

Responsible international committee

ISO/TC 29 - Small tools 

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