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DIN 1193
Steel hammers - Technical specifications

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Hämmer aus Stahl - Technische Lieferbedingungen


Technical specifications for the manufacture and applicability of forged steel hand hammers are specified in this standard, unless deviating specifications are not standardized in individual product standards. This standard also applies for those hammers that do not fall under one of the existing product standards. This standard is, however, not applicable for soft-head hammers. Other technical specifications standardize hammer handles made of timber. With the technical specifications stipulated in this standard it shall be ensured that the hammer does not present a hazard to the user. For this purpose, it is assumed that shock impacts, meaning impacts on hardened components, as well as impacts on the edge are strictly avoided. In detail, safety requirements for the materials to be used and their hardness, for hammer design and the fixing of the hammer handle (pull-off forces) are specified. Moreover, the standard contains requirements for the location of the eye and the marking of the hammers. This German standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 121-05-12 AA "Schlagwerkzeuge" ("Impact tools") of FWS.

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NA 121-05-12 AA - Impact tools  

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