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DIN EN 13146-3
Railway applications - Track - Test methods for fastening systems - Part 3: Determination of attenuation of impact loads; German version EN 13146-3:2012

Title (German)

Bahnanwendungen - Oberbau - Prüfverfahren für Schienenbefestigungssysteme - Teil 3: Bestimmung der Dämpfung von Stoßlasten; Deutsche Fassung EN 13146-3:2012


The European Standard series EN 13146 specifies requirements for (laboratory) test procedures for fastening systems and has been published in 8 parts in 2003. In 2006, modifications to EN 13146-4 and EN 13146-8 have been incorporated; they have been published as consolidated versions. In accordance with the CEN rules, standards are checked every 5 years. Part 9 has been prepared in 2007 and completes the standard series EN 13146 "Railway applications - Track - Test methods for fastening systems" which consists of the following parts: - Part 1: Determination of longitudinal rail restraint - Part 2: Determination of torsional resistance - Part 3: Determination of attenuation of impact - Part 4: Effect of repeated loading - Part 5: Determination of electrical resistance - Part 6: Effect of severe environmental conditions - Part 7: Determination of clamping force - Part 8: In service testing - Part 9: Determination of stiffness. The requirements for the stiffness of rail pads from Part 9 of EN 13146 have influenced the existing parts due to the revision and are considered accordingly. Requirements with regard to embedded rails or slab tracks have also been partially included and the necessary requirements have been described in more detail or equivalent requirements have been specified so that the parts published as a draft standard contain more than only editorial revisions and updates of the normative references. These standards support the requirements in the series EN 13481 "Railway applications - Track - Performance requirements for fastening systems". These documents have been prepared by Technical Committee CEN/TC 256 "Railway applications", the secretariat of which is held by DIN (Germany). The responsible German committee is NA 087-00-01-04 UA "Schienenbefestigungssysteme" ("Fastening systems") of the Railway Standardisation Committee (FSF).

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Responsible national committee

NA 087-00-01-04 UA - Fastening systems 

Responsible european committee

CEN/TC 256/SC 1/WG 17 - Fastening systems 

Edition 2012-06
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