NA 055

DIN Standards Committee Laboratory Devices and Installations


Ventilation and air conditioning - Part 7: Ventilation systems in laboratories


This standard applies for the planning and construction of ventilation and air conditioning devices (hereinafter referred to as HVACs) for laboratories in the industries, universities and institutes. It also applies for HVACs in scientific classrooms in schools in so far as these are equipped with an HVAC. This standard does not stipulate, however, when laboratories or scientific classrooms in schools shall be equipped with an ACP. For this purpose superior bodies of rules and regulations apply that shall be taken into account. This standard only specifies the tasks of and requirements for HVACs. The application of this standard is not limited to laboratories in a narrow sense of the term. The standard also applies for laboratory-like rooms in which hazardous substances and agents are handled.



Planned document number

DIN 1946-7

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Responsible national committee

NA 055-02-01 AA - Fume hoods and ventilation 

draft standard

Ventilation and air conditioning - Part 7: Ventilation systems in laboratories
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Ventilation and air conditioning - Part 7: Ventilation systems in laboratories

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