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Testing of refrigerating systems (ISO 916:2020); Text in German and English


This document applies to the performance testing of compressor driven refrigerating systems (hereafter referred to as refrigerating systems) that operate according to the principle of vapour compression and consist of the circuit parts for compression, condensation, and evaporation as well as the connecting pipes and any necessary associated ancillaries required for a complete refrigeration circuit. This document does not apply to the testing of other refrigeration systems such as absorption or steam jet refrigerating systems. Testing of the suitability of a refrigerating system for a specific use, such as household refrigerators, refrigerated commercial and display cabinets, air conditioners, is not covered by this document. This document includes testing outside laboratories or where specific laboratory testing standards for systems do not exist and is performed according to agreed operating conditions.



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NA 044-00-14 AA - Refrigerant compressors 

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ISO/TC 86/SC 4 - Testing and rating of refrigerant compressors 

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Testing of refrigerating systems (ISO 916:2020); Text in German and English
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Performance testing of compression type refrigerating systems

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