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DIN 14679 2021-11-22 Firefighting purposes - Chargers for float charge of starter batteries and auxiliary batteries for special uses - Requirements and testing More  Comment 
DIN EN 12845-2 2021-11-19 Ortsfeste Feuerlöschanlagen - Automatische Sprinkleranlagen - Auslegung und Installation von Sprinklern zur frühzeitigen Unterdrückung und schnellen Reaktion More  Comment 
DIN EN 12845-3 2021-11-19 Ortsfeste Brandbekämpfungsanlagen - Automatische Sprinkleranlagen - Leitfaden für Erdbebensicherungen More  Comment 
DIN EN 54-30 rev 2021-11-18 Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 30: Multi-sensor fire detectors - Point detectors using a combination of carbon monoxide and heat sensors More  Comment 
DIN EN 54-26 rev 2021-11-18 Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 26: Carbon monoxide detectors - Point detectors More  Comment 
DIN CWA 17513 2021-11-16 Krisen- und Katastrophenmanagement — Semantische und syntaktische Interoperabilität More  Comment 
DIN/TS 14028 2021-11-11 Technique and strategy in the detection of CBRN hazardous substances More  Comment 
DIN 14676-1/A1 2021-11-02 Smoke alarm devices for use in residential buildings, apartments and rooms with similar purposes - Part 1: Planning, installation, use and maintenance More  Comment 
DIN 14244 2021-11-02 Water suction connection for fire fighting - Under and above ground More  Comment 
DIN 14704 2021-10-22 Fire-fighting and fire protection – Fire-fighting-specific parameters for in-vehicle gateway units More  Comment