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DIN EN 54-29 rev 2020-02-04 Fire detection and fire alarm systems - Part 29: Multi-sensor fire detectors - Point detectors using a combination of smoke and heat sensors More  Comment 
ISO/AWI 22360 2020-01-10 Security and resilience - Crisis management - Concept, principles and framework More  Comment 
ISO/CD TR 22351 2019-12-18 Security and resilience - Emergency management - Message structure for exchange of information More  Comment 
DIN 14920/A1 2019-11-28 Lines for fire-brigades - Requirements, test methods, maintenance; Amendment A1 More  Comment 
ISO/CD TS 17755-2 2019-11-27 Fire safety - Statistical data collection - Part 2: Definition of terms More  Comment 
DIN 14334 2019-11-21 Solid couplings Storz System PN 16 for delivery and suction More  Comment 
DIN 14530-8 2019-10-31 Fire fighting vehicles - Part 8: Group pumping appliance LF 20 KatS for the disaster prevention More  Comment 
ISO/WD 7240-7 2019-10-30 Fire detection and alarm systems - Part 7: Point-type smoke detectors using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization More  Comment 
ISO/WD 7240-27 2019-10-30 Fire detection and alarm systems - Part 27: Point type fire detectors using a smoke sensor in combination with a carbon monoxide sensor and, optionally, one or more heat sensors More  Comment 
ISO/WD 7240-14 2019-10-30 Fire detection and alarm systems - Part 14: Design, installation, commissioning and service of fire detection and fire alarm systems in and around buildings More  Comment