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DIN 28000-1
Chemical apparatus - Documentation in the life cycle of process plants - Part 1: Registration of the essential and supplementary documentation

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Chemischer Apparatebau - Dokumentation im Lebensweg von Prozessanlagen - Teil 1: Erfassung der grundlegenden und ergänzenden Dokumentation


This standard specifies necessary information for the individual phases of a process plant in documents. The standard can be used as a technical basis for agreement of performance (contract) to be provided as well as for definition of the individual operations in the life cycle of a process plant. The allocation to the individual phases in the life cycle of a process plant is dependent on the structure of the plant, the type of processing, the respective trade and further factors of influence. Thus, the aim of this standard is not a strict classification, but rather a practically-oriented listing of all essential documents and their main contents. The standard has been prepared by Working Committee NA 012-00-03 "Dokumentation von Prozessanlagen" ("Documentation of process plants") at FNCA.

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NA 012-00-03 AA - Documentation of process plants 

Edition 2011-01
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