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DIN Standards Committee Chemical Apparatus Engineering

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Drafts of NA 012

Number: 30

DIN 6650-1 2020-12 Dispense systems for draught beverages - Part 1: Terms and definitions More 
DIN 28151 2020-11 Nozzles of jacket on agitated vessels, of glass lined steel - Position of nozzles More 
DIN 28152-2 2020-10 Clamps for glass lined vessels - Part 2: Technical delivery conditions More 
DIN 28152-1 2020-10 Clamps for glass lined vessels - Part 1: Dimensions, assignment More 
DIN 28129 2020-08 Clamp nuts for covers More 
DIN 28154 2020-08 Shaft end for carbon and stainless steel agitators, for rotating mechanical seals - Dimensions More 
DIN 28156 2020-08 Shaft end for agitators of carbon and stainless steel, for stuffing boxes - Dimensions More 
DIN EN 13480-2/A8 2020-06 Metallic industrial piping - Part 2: Materials; German and English version EN 13480-2:2017/prA8:2020 More 
DIN 28121 2020-05 Circular sight glasses with case with force shunt sealing system More 
DIN 28120 2020-05 Circular sight glass fittings with sight glasses in main power connection More