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DIN EN 60811-100; VDE 0473-811-100:2012-12
Electric and optical fibre cables - Test methods for non-metallic materials - Part 100: General (IEC 60811-100:2012); German version EN 60811-100:2012

Title (German)

Kabel, isolierte Leitungen und Glasfaserkabel - Prüfverfahren für nichtmetallene Werkstoffe - Teil 100: Allgemeines (IEC 60811-100:2012); Deutsche Fassung EN 60811-100:2012


These standards of the DIN EN 60811 (VDE 0473-811) series specify the test methods to be used for testing non-metallic materials of all types of cables. These test methods are referenced in standards for cable construction and for cable materials. Non-metallic materials are typically used for insulating, sheathing, bedding, filling or taping within cables. These test methods are accepted as basic and fundamental. They have been developed and used over many years principally for the materials in all energy cables. They have also been widely accepted and used for other cables, in particular optical fibre cables, communication and control cables and cables for ships and offshore applications. The previous series DIN EN 60811 (VDE 0473-811) is replaced by these new standards. The aim of the restructuring of the series is to have an individual standard for every test method. The 38 new parts of the series DIN EN 60811 (VDE 0473) are subdivided into six groups: group 1 - General, group 2 - General tests, group 3 - Electrical tests, group 4 - Miscellaneous tests, group 5 - Mechanical tests, group 6 - Physical tests Part 100 (Group 1) describes general requirements and considerations that are applicable to all the test methods given in the particular parts. Furthermore, this part provides a full overview of the structure of the standard series and the tests contained. Each test method is contained in a separately numbered part of the standard series. These respective parts are identified in Part 100, Table A.1 of Annex A. The corresponding clauses from the previous version of the respective part are given as a reference. Table A.2 of Annex A lists the clauses of the previous version to facilitate location of the corresponding part in the current version. The responsible committee is DKE/K 411 "Starkstromkabel und isolierte Starkstromleitungen" ("Cables, wires and flexible cords for power installations") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 411 - Starkstromkabel und isolierte Starkstromleitungen 

Edition 2012-12
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