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DIN EN 60512-7-2; VDE 0687-512-7-2:2012-09
Connectors for electronic equipment - Tests and measurements - Part 7-2: Impact tests (free connectors) - Test 7b: Mechanical strength impact (IEC 60512-7-2:2011); German version EN 60512-7-2:2012

Title (German)

Steckverbinder für elektronische Einrichtungen - Mess- und Prüfverfahren - Teil 7-2: Aufprallprüfungen (freie Steckverbinder) - Prüfung 7b: Kabelgebundene Fallprüfung (IEC 60512-7-2:2011); Deutsche Fassung EN 60512-7-2:2012


The DIN EN 60512 series contains basic measurement and test methods for connectors for electronic equipment. This standard describes a test method to assess the ability of a free connector on the end of a cable or wire bundle to withstand impacts it could receive when dropped onto a hard surface.

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DKE/K 651 - Steckverbinder 

Edition 2012-09
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