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DIN VDE 0100-702; VDE 0100-702:2012-03
Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 7-702: Requirements for special installations or locations - Basins of swimming pools, other water basins and fountains

Title (German)

Errichten von Niederspannungsanlagen - Teil 7-702: Anforderungen für Betriebsstätten, Räume und Anlagen besonderer Art - Becken von Schwimmbädern, begehbare Wasserbecken und Springbrunnen


The particular requirements of this part of the standard of the DIN VDE 0100 (VDE 0100) series shall be applied to electrical installations of: - basins of swimming pools and paddling pools and their surrounding zones; - areas in natural waters, lakes in gravel pits and coastal and similar areas, specially intended to be occupied by persons for swimming, paddling and similar purposes. Such areas in natural waters, lakes in gravel pits and coastal and similar areas, are considered as basins of swimming pools. This standard also applies for the respective surrounding zones. - fountains with or without basins and their surrounding zones; - other water basins and their surrounding zones. The following significant modifications have been made with respect to DIN VDE 0100-702 (VDE 0100-702):2003-11: a) alignment of the formal structure/numbering of clauses to the currently valid Parts 100 to 600 of the standards of the DIN VDE 0100 (VDE 0100) series; b) clause "Terms and definitions" has been revised; c) "other water basins" and "fountains" are subdivided into "accessible" or "non-accessible"; d) for "accessible" "other water basins" and accessible "fountains", the same requirements apply as for water basins of swimming pools; in addition to "accessible", approachability is one possible criterion for accessible basins; e) requirements have been specified for electrical equipment in parts of walls, floors or ceilings which limit the specified areas; f) the protective measure: "protection by extra-low voltage" (PELV) shall no longer be used; g) requirements for the additional protective equipotential bonding have been explained in more detail; h) in range 0, degree of protection IPX5 is required in addition IPX8 for electrical equipment, provided cleaning is done with high-pressure cleaners; i) generally, "residual wall thickness" of 6 cm is required, the erection of wiring systems has been described in more detail; j) erection of switching devices, control devices and sockets in range 1 is allowed under certain conditions; k) erection requirements for current-using equipment have been revised. The responsible committee is Subcommittee UK 221.1 "Schutz gegen elektrischen Schlag" ("Protection against electric shock") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Informational Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/UK 221.1 - Schutz gegen elektrischen Schlag 

Edition 2012-03
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