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DIN EN 62455
Internet protocol (IP) and transport stream (TS) based service access (IEC 62455:2010); English version EN 62455:2011

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Dienstzugang auf Basis von Internet-Protokoll (IP) und Transportstrom (TS) (IEC 62455:2010); Englische Fassung EN 62455:2011


This International Standard specifies the terminals for a Service Purchase and Protection system for digital broadcasts, called the 18Crypt system. It is applicable in all countries and regions with suitably compliant broadcasting and multimedia distribution systems. Guidelines for compatible broadcast services are given in this standard. The Service Purchase and Protection functions operate in a pure broadcast environment that may be combined with a bi-directional Interactivity Channel. The standard is applicable to the following broadcast systems: a) DVB-H systems b) DVB T/C/S systems c) MPEG2 TS-based IP systems d) non-MPEG2 TS-based IP systems The responsible Committee is K 742 " Audio-, Video- und Multimediasysteme, -geräte und -komponenten " ("Audio, video and multimedia systems, equipment and components") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/K 742 - Audio-, Video- und Multimediasysteme, -geräte und -komponenten 

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