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DIN EN 50104; VDE 0400-20:2011-04
Electrical apparatus for the detection and measurement of oxygen - Performance requirements and test methods; German version EN 50104:2010

Title (German)

Elektrische Geräte für die Detektion und Messung von Sauerstoff - Anforderungen an das Betriebsverhalten und Prüfverfahren; Deutsche Fassung EN 50104:2010


This standard contains general requirements for the construction, testing and performance requirements and describes the test method for portable, transportable and stationary electrical apparatus for the measurement of oxygen concentrations of gas mixtures with a measurement range of up to 25 % (V/V). The apparatus or parts thereof can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres (see 4.1) and in mines with potential danger of firedamp. The responsible Committee is UK 966.1 "Mess- und Warngeräte für gefährliche Gase" ("Measurement and warning devices for dangerous gases") of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Informational Technologies) at DIN and VDE.

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DKE/UK 966.1 - Mess- und Warngeräte für gefährliche Gase 

Edition 2011-04
Original language German
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