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VG 95447-2
Equipment housings - Part 2: Portable housings, 19 in slide-in technique, generic standard; Text in German and English

Title (German)

Gerätegehäuse - Teil 2: Tragegehäuse, 19-Zoll-Einschubtechnik, Fachgrundnorm; Text Deutsch und Englisch


The standard is a basic standard for equipment housings. The standard specifies the general requirements for standard portable multi-purpose equipment housings with two lids in 19-inch slide-in technique used in the Bundeswehr, and their testing. Equipment housings are often integral components of systems and are used in many special designs (for example, with regard to electrical connections or air conditioning). However, these special designs are usually based on the standard housings according to the standards of the VG 95447 series. When the tests are specified the NATO requirements valid at the time the standard has been published (STANAG 4370) were taken into account. NA 140-00-17-12 UA of the DIN Standards Committee Electrical Engineering (NE) is responsible for the standards of the VG 95447 series.

Responsible national committee

NA 140-00-17-12 UA - Equipment housings 

Edition 2015-12
Original language German, English
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