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DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE

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Drafts of NA 022

Number: 1,295

DIN IEC 60335-2-64/A1; VDE 0700-64/A2:2006-10 2006-10 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 2-64: Particular requirements for commercial electric kitchen machines (IEC 61E/557/CDV:2006) More 
DIN 43880/A1 2006-01 Built-in equipment for electrical installations - Overall dimensions and related mounting dimensions More 
DIN VDE 0638/A1; VDE 0638/A1:2005-09 2005-09 Low-voltage switchgears - fuse-switch-units - D0-System More 
DIN VDE 0635/A1; VDE 0635/A1:2005-09 2005-09 Low-voltage fuses - D-fuses E 16 up to 25 A, 500 V; D-fuses up to 100 A, 750 V; D-fuses up to 100 A; 500 V More 
DIN VDE 0664-200; VDE 0664-200:2003-07 2003-07 Residual current operated circuit-breakers type B with integral overcurrent protection to operate at residual alternating and residual direct currents - Part 200: RCBOs Typ B More 
DIN 44973-100 2002-01 Air cleaner and air humidifier - Part 100: Electrical air-conditioner for household and similar use; Methods for measuring the performance More 
DIN EN 60335-2-64/A2; VDE 0700-64/A1:2000-07 2000-07 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - Part 2-64: Particular requirements for commercial electric kitchen machines (IEC 61E/346/CDV:1999); German version EN 60335-2-64:2000/prA2:1999 More 
DIN VDE 0812/A1; VDE 0812/A1:1995-08 1995-08 Equipment wires and stranded equipment wires for telecommunication systems and data processing systems; Amendment A1 More 
DIN VDE 0254; VDE 0254:1994-06 1994-06 Parallel heating-cables More 
DIN VDE 0816-1/A2; VDE 0816-1/A2:1993-12 1993-12 External cables for telecommunication and data processing systems; cables insulated and sheathed with polyethylen, unit stranded; amendment 2 More