Service "made in Germany"

Services experts discuss standardization strategies for the services markets.


Experts from 14 sectors took part in a DIN workshop on services standardization on 14 March 2014. Titled "Service made in Germany - What opportunities does standardization offer?", the workshop provided a platform for an open dialogue on the opportunities and challenges, the drivers and barriers brought by services standardization in various fields. The workshop resulted in recommendations for action which will be drawn up in a roadmap on services standardization that can be used to present the German viewpoint in standards work at European and international level.

In four sections, some 120 experts exchanged views regarding the ways in which standardization can be of use in their respective areas. A need for defining general terms such as "services" or "services standardization" was seen, as this will improve communication among market participants. The standardization of services directly related to products was deemed to be particularly important in terms of competition, cost efficiency and the opening of markets. Technical services such as maintenance and technical after sales service also profit from standardized specifications of works and terminology. Experts in educational, social and financial services (aside from the regulated professions) also recognize the potentials of using standardization to enhance customer trust through greater transparency. However it was concluded that the value added to health services through standardization is rather limited, as this sector is governed by strict legal conditions. Tourism experts do not see a further need for standardization other than the current projects at international level. The full results of the workshop will be available at as of 24 March 2014.


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