Germany hosts pre-G20 standardization conference

Standards Boost the Digital World

In anticipation of Germany's taking on the G20 presidency starting from 1 December 2016, roughly 100 experts attended an international conference on standardization in the world of digitalization held in early October.

Experts from ministries and other government agencies joined representatives of standards organizations from the G20 nations - and the guest invitees chosen by Germany as host country - to discuss the many areas touched by growing digitalization. Topics such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, smart mobility and IT security were the focus. The potentials of international standardization were explored and common goals were established.

German State Secretary Machnig said just how important this conference was: "In an international dialogue, we want to make sure to develop open and interoperable standards for Industry 4.0 applications. Only in this way can a networked global economy function well. The national and international standards organizations have to take up their responsibilities and join interests."

The conference was jointly organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology together with DIN and DKE. Conference results will be incorporated into future G20 discussions.

Germany will assume the G20 presidency as of 1 December 2016, which it will hold for one year. Leading this group of the world's major economies, Germany will be focussing on subjects such as the digitalization of the global economy.