SME Commission (KOMMIT)

Representing interests

Technical associations, trade guilds and chambers of commerce can help you represent your interests in standardization.

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Although SMEs have much to gain from becoming active in standardization, they often do not have the resources or opportunities to participate in this work. There are many ways small and medium size companies can use their local chambers of commerce, or the relevant guilds and associations to help them represent their interests.

In Germany, for example, there are several possibilities:

  • Contact us: SME Help Desk
  • Contact local chambers of commerce, such as the Chambers of Architects in Germany
  • The DKE German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies of DIN and VDE has set up a telephone service for consulting SMEs
  • Attend conferences and seminars, e.g. hosted by the "DIN Academy" in cooperation with technical associations.
  • Obtain publications on how to use and apply standards (e.g. the free brochure "Kleines 1x1 der Normung" (German only) and other publications published by technical associations).
  • Beuth Verlag, DIN's publishing house, has set up several standards portals in cooperation with technical associations in areas such as architecture, metal working, and the trades in general.

In addition, Beuth Verlag has several products tailored to the needs of SMEs:

  • Flat Rate Service: Enjoy considerable savings by purchasing 25 or 50 standards for a one-time low price over the period of one year.
  • DIN Handbooks: Low-price collections of essential standards on a specific topic (e.g. Iron and Steel). All DIN Handbooks are also available as eBooks.
  • Standards Ticker: An information service that helps keep your standards collection up-to-date. Automatic delivery of new editions of standards is optional.