• Hydrogen Technologies Standards form the basic framework for market ramp-up

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  • Climate change Standards and specifications support climate targets

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  • Smart Farming Standards and specifications are drivers for the digitalization of agriculture

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Publications on Division Technical services

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DIN EN 15313 2016-09 Standard Railway applications - In-service wheelset operation requirements - In-service and off-vehicle wheelset maintenance; German version EN 15313:2016 More  Order from DIN Media
DIN ISO 8769 ; VDE 0412-8769:2016-08 2016-08 Standard Reference sources - Calibration of surface contamination monitors - Alpha-, beta- and photon emitters (ISO 8769:2016) More  Order from DIN Media
DIN EN ISO 6926 2016-08 Standard Acoustics - Requirements for the performance and calibration of reference sound sources used for the determination of sound power levels (ISO 6926:2016); German version EN ISO 6926:2016 More  Order from DIN Media
DIN EN ISO 389-3 2016-06 Standard Acoustics - Reference zero for the calibration of audiometric equipment - Part 3: Reference equivalent threshold force levels for pure tones and bone vibrators (ISO 389-3:2016); German version EN ISO 389-3:2016 More  Order from DIN Media
ISO/FDIS 16063-32 2016-06 Methods for the calibration of vibration and shock transducers - Part 32: Resonance testing - Testing the frequency and the phase response of accelerometers by means of shock excitation More  Order from DIN Media
DIN EN ISO 7500-1 2016-05 Standard Metallic materials - Calibration and verification of static uniaxial testing machines - Part 1: Tension/compression testing machines - Calibration and verification of the force-measuring system (ISO 7500-1:2015); German version EN ISO 7500-1:2015 More  Order from DIN Media
DIN CLC/TR 50117-8 ; VDE 0887-8:2016-03 2016-03 Standard Coaxial cables used in cabled distribution networks - Part 8: Repair and substitute of damaged buried cables; German version CLC/TR 50117-8:2013 More  Order from DIN Media
DIN 11868-3 2016-03 Standard Sampling equipments on milk collecting tankers - Part 3: Minimum requirements for inspection authorities who carry out verifications or type verifications More  Order from DIN Media
DIN EN 1434-6 2016-02 Standard Heat meters - Part 6: Installation, commissioning, operational monitoring and maintenance; German version EN 1434-6:2015 More  Order from DIN Media
DIN EN ISO 16859-2 2016-02 Standard Metallic materials - Leeb hardness test - Part 2: Verification and calibration of the testing devices (ISO 16859-2:2015); German version EN ISO 16859-2:2015 More  Order from DIN Media