International framework accelerates standards work on 3D printing

At the start of October, ISO and ASTM International unveiled a framework for creating global additive manufacturing standards. This will help meet the needs for new technical standards in the fast-growing field of "additive manufacturing (AM)", also known as 3D printing. This is the process of joining materials layer upon layer, as opposed to "subtractive manufacturing" methods such as machining. The document will guide the work of global experts and standards development organizations involved in AM standardization, ensure cohesion among AM standards, and improve their usability and acceptance. Important elements of the standards will include more transparent processes, clearly defined sub-sectors in additive manufacturing, and uniform terminology.

As DIN holds the secretariat for the ISO committee on additive manufacturing, it is a co-initiator of the framework, and will head international standardization activities in this field.

ISO and ASTM International have been working jointly in this area since 2011, when they signed a Partner Standards Development Organization (PSDO) cooperation agreement. Drawn up by international experts working together worldwide, these standards can serve as a basis for the global AM industry.

For more information go to the ISO website.