Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.

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Conformity assessment – which involves inspection, declaration, certification and accreditation – is a key factor in the free exchange of goods and services across borders.

Certification is carried out by the following subsidiary and associated companies of DIN:

DIN CERTCO was founded in 1972 and its corporate home has been the TÜV Rhineland Group since 2005. DIN CERTCO offers certification of a broad range of products and services, as well as of qualified enterprises and personnel.

DQS GmbH assesses the quality capability of organizations in a neutral and independent manner. DQS offers a wide variety of assessment and certification services that take account of the customer's industry sector(s), size and specific goals of their management system.

DIN GOST TÜV Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH was established in 1992 as a joint associate company of DIN and the TÜV Rhineland Group on the initiative of GOSSTANDART, the Russian agency of standardization and certification. DIN GOST TÜV offers services relating to the certification of products for export to the Russian Federation and CIS member countries.