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Smart Cities: Standardization Roadmap 1.1

A search for "smart cities" on Google retrieves over 4.3 million results; the term "smart city" gives more than 8.4 million results from all over the world. The urbanization process is being discussed on all continents, and the associated challenges of this process has become a focus throughout the world. Standards bring safety and security, and can help reduce hurdles to gradually realizing the vision of the smart city. more


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Germany-China Standards Information Portal

 more about Germany-China Standards Information Portal


Standards Committees

Standards Committees more about Standards Committees

The input of external experts into standardization is organized in standards committees and their subsidiary working bodies. more

DIN in the World

Structure of international standardization more about DIN in the World

DIN represents German interests in supranational standardization more

Regulation on future of European Standardisation

+++ Rapporteur of the European Parliament presents draft report +++ Parliament members preparing suggestions for amendments +++ European Council working group to deal with amendments suggested by the Member States +++ more

Calls for tender

 more about Calls for tender