Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.

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About Us

The remit of DIN German Institute for Standardization is to encourage, organize, steer and moderate standardization and specification activities in systematic and transparent procedures for the benefit of society as a whole, while safeguarding the public interest. The results of DIN's work serve to advance innovation, safety and communication among industry, research organizations, the public sector and society as a whole, and to support quality assurance, rationalization, occupational health and safety, and environmental and consumer protection. DIN publishes its work results and promotes the implementation of these results. Some 30,000 experts contribute their skills and experience to the standardization process which is managed and coordinated by the DIN staff of around 400. By agreement with the German Federal Government, DIN is the acknowledged national standards body that represents German interests in European and international standards organizations. Ninety percent of the standards work now carried out by DIN is international in nature. A registered non-profit association, DIN has been based in Berlin since 1917.

DIN Group

Being a non-profit organization, DIN's main task is to develop technical rules for the benefit of society as a whole. more


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